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Awards & Recognition

Turkcell & TTG were named finalists for TM Forum's Excellence Awards 2021 in the Human Factor category.

Oracle Business Partner Award-2014

2014 has been an exciting year for TTG International LTD. filled with outstanding achievements. TTG has been named by Oracle as one of the most successful business partners in FY2014. We owe this success to our hard-work and continuous commitment of using Oracle solutions in our products.

TTG Int. LTD continues to contribute to Turkey’s technological accumulation by reaching the final of the 9th Technology Awards. It was announced to the public with the participation of TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Nüket Yetiş, TTGV Board Chairman Dr. Fikret Yücel, and TÜSİAD Board Chairman Ümit Boyner at a press conference held on November 24, 2010. The aim of the Technology Awards is to encourage institutions that contribute to our national technological accumulation in order to position Turkey as a country producing technology. It aims to encourage companies that put their signatures under success by bringing their success stories to the public agenda, creating awareness in society about research, technology development and innovation and inspiring other companies to act.

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The University-Industry Cooperation Centers Platform (ÜSİMP) is a platform established following the closure of the TÜBİTAK ÜSAM (University-Industry Joint Research Centers) Program in 2006 by the decision of the TÜBİTAK Science Board, which was launched in 1997. The Centers established under the TÜBİTAK ÜSAM program, which currently operate as associations or company legal entities as university-industry interfaces and are the founders of ÜSİMP, are listed below in alphabetical order:

Adana ÜSAM - Adana University-Industry Joint Research Center Association and R&D Economic Enterprise.

BİYOMEDTEK - Biomedical Technologies Center Association.

ODAGEM - Ostim Middle East Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technologies R&D Center Inc.

OTAM (ITU Automotive Research Center, OTAM Inc.)

SAM - Ceramic Research Center Inc.

TTV - Turkish Textile Foundation (as a founding partner of TAM Textile Research Center)

In addition to education, teaching, and research activities in our universities, the aim of ÜSİMP is to promote the production of new technologies and the transfer of these technologies to society, particularly to our national industry. It also aims to contribute to the transformation of the industrial sector from a structure that imports and uses technology to a structure that produces and exports advanced technology and collaborates effectively with universities, and has high competitiveness.

YASAD, the Software Industrialists Association, was established in 1992 with the aim of representing the Turkish software and information technology sector, increasing the country's software market, exports, and employment in the sector. The association leads the definition and updating of our national goals and priorities in software and information technologies. It carries out active, results-oriented, and sustainable projects and activities and creates technology platforms to achieve our national goals. YASAD supports innovation, creativity, and competitiveness, serving the globalization of our national economy. It helps modernize all sectors from production to energy while ensuring the effective functioning of our public sector. It develops projects as a communication and coordination center between our government institutions, public institutions, NGOs, universities, trade and industry chambers, all industrial sectors, and industrial organizations to solve sectoral problems based on information technologies and increase sectoral productivity by increasing the usage of information technologies.

The Electrical and Electronics Exporters' Association (TET) is a professional organization that supports its members' export activities. It was established on 02.09.1991 by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Turkey and has over 6,500 members. It carries out its activities under the umbrella of İMMİB and is affiliated with the Ministry of Trade.

The General Secretariat of the Service Exporters' Association was established in Istanbul by the Ministry of Trade in February 2021. It works with sector committees to create a service export strategy and propose solutions to sectoral problems. Workshops and training sessions are held to determine sectoral strategies for service exports, and trade-buying delegations, fairs, and events are organized to help member firms find counterparts and gain experience in the international market. The association engages in various activities, including support mechanisms for sub-sectors, green passports for exporters, and cooperation activities with public institutions and organizations. It also prepares reports, organizes events, and conducts PR, corporate identity, media, and social media activities.

Since its establishment, Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) has continued its activities with the power it derives from the contributions of its members to the country's economy. With more than 22,000 members, ISO is the largest industrial chamber in Turkey and one of the strongest representatives of Turkish industry.

The share of value added created by ISO members in Turkey's industrial sector is 35.9%. ISO members are responsible for 32.7% of Turkey's industrial production, and their share of employment in the Turkish industrial sector is 29%.

In terms of employment size, 78.8% of ISO members are small-scale enterprises (with less than 50 employees), 18.8% are medium-sized enterprises (with 50 to 249 employees), and 2.5% are large-scale enterprises (with 250 or more employees).


The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is a large and well-established organization with 700,000 members. Its goal is to help Turkey and its members become a regional power that can direct global political and economic developments in their own interest, taking a larger share in international trade. The Chamber recognizes that solving private sector problems, improving Turkey's international competitiveness, and providing a secure and stable development environment for the country's economy are crucial. Its mission is to develop Turkey and its members, and become a global power that can direct international political and economic developments in its own interest. The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce promotes trade, small industry, and service sectors, creates new markets abroad, and identifies and acts to remove barriers to the development of the business world. The Chamber protects professional ethics and solidarity, informs the public, and cooperates with professional, scientific, social, and cultural organizations to ensure the country's development and create change. The Chamber has a member-oriented service approach that involves fulfilling duties given by law, providing education and information activities to give members a local-to-global strategy and perspective, and protecting the commercial rights and interests of its members. Since 1882, the Chamber has been dedicated to the economic and commercial life that aims for development and enlightenment throughout Turkey. It has become a leading institution of the Turkish economy, spreading as a commercial ecologist to the whole world.