Automate your Network with AI/ML


As datasets increase in size and complexity, spotting problems becomes difficult if not impossible.

TTG’s technologies use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to set dynamic KPIs, tracking your everyday behavior and anomalies within. Correlating what seems irrelevant, reduces false positives and helps identifying root causes to master your ever-growing network.


Ready for 5G – Architecting 6G

Helping You Stay Safe


TTG's AI based anomaly detection tools do the heavy lifting by processing network data and detecting any anomalies that could signal problems.


Get instant alerts for 3600 visibility of your network through dashboards.

Stretching from Based Band ,Radio Access Networks (RAN) to energy infrastructure and even your software , get complete visibility of your network elements.


Reduce False Positive and False Negatives

Tired of alert fatigue ?It is common for an operator to accumulate 2 Billion data entries over a fraction of a month. Alert fatigue becomes the norm, numbing the service man focusing on to which they shoul mobilize on.

Built for large datasets for millions of ports  with an extensive eTOM and ITOM  know-how, TTG Int reduces alarm fatigue via AI / ML based algorithms helping the administrator to focus on root causes.


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Your network, your gem, our GEMSTM

As a network manager you would know how difficult it is to manage the precious elements of the communication. Service engineers should constantly reach out to  different management systems ensuirng that everything runs smoothly.

GEMS, TTG Int.’s skillful network element management system integrates telecom networks to IT networks at a single dashboard, conjoining  all telco domain and IT domain under one shell

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SYNERGY  : Enables Sustainability while lowering Energy Bills

Energy costs run up to 40% of a network operator overall OPEX, while 80% of it is due network elements, from BBU’s to server infrastructure.  While almost all operators signed up GSMA’s goal of “being carbon neutral by 2050”(1) , in
accordance with UNDP’s sustainability goals (2)

SYNERGY, TTG Int’s intelligent energy infrastructure 

management system, enables end to end energy infrastructure management (rectifiers, batteries , cooling etc) and advises operators on handling criritval issues.

Armed with AI and ML capabilities, SYNERGY facilitates proper prioritization on field operations, further cutting down energy costs by helping to orchestrate field mobilization  needs.

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(2) GSMA :


Aiming for Net-Zero

Turkcell, and TTG International Ltd. (TTG) have achieved another milestone in the GSMA Net Zero project with the AI supported SYNERGY smart energy management system. The correct and effective use of the existing DC electricity system in the cell sites also serves the Net Zero Project of GSMA as well as UNDP 17 GOALS.
See also Turkcell case study:
Case study 1




We help our clients address the many challenges in achieving their sustainability goals.

Net-zero strategy – With our AI based SYNERGY solution, CSP can easily streamline their pledge into an actionable and well-executed decarbonization strategy. A growing number of CSP have set their net-zero targets to align with the goal of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, preferably 1.5 degrees as set out in the Paris Agreement. You must act quickly to ensure you have a clear plan on how to move forward. Speed and decarbonization are important factors when it comes to the future of your company.

5G Network Data Insight  : with NWDAF*

5G network is more different than any evolution of the mobile network so far. Not only the number of nodes triple on average, but customer premises equipment, peer-to-peer signaling, network slicing, SLA management become reality.

Understanding the network elements’ behavior, finding correlations over the big data, unseen to the naked eye, becomes a critical function of the management of the network.

Starting from inventory management to fault and alarm monitoring for both telecom and IT domains, GEMS and ABID+ enables you to sneak into the maze of 5G data

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* NWDAF : NWDAF is not a software or brand name : It is a “function” as defined in TM Forum

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