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Automated Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

As datasets increase in size and complexity, it becomes impractical to spot problems in the network.TTG's technology uses multi-KPIs machine learning algorithms learning features automatically model the normal behaviour of your time series data in real time to identify anomalies, streamline root cause analysis with the correlation of the relevant data, and reduce false positives.

All our software’s are 5G ready.

Helping you stay secure

TTG's AI based anomaly detection tools do the heavy lifting by processing network data and detecting any anomalies that could signal problems.

Instant Alerts

Get instant alerts and heads up on potential threats with TTG. Our AI based anomaly detection algorithm analyzes your network & detects any intrusion in real time.

Complete visibility

Get the complete overview of your network, with a graphical dashboard and tables that show a complete picture of your servers, services, & more with our monitoring solution.

Reduced false positives and false negatives

Tired of alert fatigue? Our AI based anomaly detection removes the need to sift through tons of alerts for false positives or false negatives.

Built for large datasets

No matter how large or complicated your datasets are, we're ready for it. Our AI based anomaly detection algorithm is trained to learn features automatically and can detect anomalies even if the dataset size is too big for other anomaly detection algorithms.

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Managing a network can be tough and time-consuming, as every engineer must constantly reach out to different management systems to stay on top of things and make sure everything is running smoothly. For these needs, we have created GEMS; an innovative and affordable element management system that enables engineers access all the information they need in few clicks.

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Be Enhanced Sustainability With Our AI-Based SYNERGY Solution

As TTG, we are happy and hopeful that we have ensured our product, AI-based SYNERGY, one of the complementary solutions that helps to achieve CSPs' goals for GSMA's Net Zero targets on climate change. We are also proud that our product supports UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Our sustainability AI based solution completes the missing link to support our clients in their net zero journey.
Turkcell, and TTG International Ltd. (TTG) have achieved another milestone in the GSMA Net Zero project with the AI supported SYNERGY smart energy management system. The correct and effective use of the existing DC electricity system in the cell sites also serves the Net Rezo Project of GSMA as well as UN THE 17 GOALS.
See also Turkcell case study:
Case study 1



We help our clients address the many challenges in achieving their sustainability goals.

Net-zero strategy – With our AI based SYNERGY solution, CSP can easily streamline their pledge into an actionable and well-executed decarbonization strategy. A growing number of CSP have set their net-zero targets to align with the goal of limiting global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, preferably 1.5 degrees as set out in the Paris Agreement. You must act quickly to ensure you have a clear plan on how to move forward. Speed and decarbonization are important factors when it comes to the future of your company.

TTG is Adding the Functions of 5G’s NWDAF With its New Infrastructure to the Current Anomaly Solution, ABID+

TTG’s ABID+ solution enhances network operation efficiency by providing continuous and autonomous Anomaly detection, and root cause analysis for complex anomalies from 2G to 4G, transmission, IT or any type of equipment by correlating data from network.

ABID+ Basic Features:
• Moving Average Anomaly Detection • Multivariate, Multidimensional Anomaly Detection and Correlation • Understanding Data Trends • Pearson Correlation • KNN (Key Nearest Neighbour) Algorithm • 1,2,3, n Dimensional Anomaly Detection • Root Cause Analysis • Dashboard • CMEx & North-I Integration.

What is NWDAF?

As defined by the 3GPP TR 33.926 V17.5.0 (2022-09)-NWDAF is a part of 5G network product, it is expected that the NWDAF to contain NWDAF application (for data analysis), a set of running processes (typically more than one) executing the software package for the NWDAF functions and OAM functions that is specific to the NWDAF network product model.
NWDAF Use Cases.
3GPP TR 23.791 listed AI-ML analytics use cases on 5G:

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