Research & Development Projects

TTG Int. has dedicated itself to foster technological innovation and drive positive societal impact.

Several innovative projects funded by TTG International LTD's research and development department are paving the way for transformative advancements in various domains. 


TTG Int. has been officially recognized as an Research and Development Center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkish Republic since 2017.  

Tübitak Projects

TTG Int. LTD is actively participating in TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1501, 1509 and 1511 programs, mainly focused on new generation communication platforms such as 5G and 6G.

TM Forum Catalyst Projects

TTG Int. LTD is actively participating in TMF Catalyst projects.

14-16 May 2018

Nice, France

     The project aimed to address the challenges in the current Physical Network Function (PNF) plan and build process, which included multiple handoffs, non-standardization, and a lack of automation, all of which slowed down product launches over hybrid networks.

       The vision of the project was to build a Next Generation Plan and Build (NG P&B) solution that leverages the power of Network Operations (NetOps) to significantly reduce PNF onboarding time.

       The project demonstrated how recent modeling standards and automation concepts developed for Virtual networks could be adopted to accelerate the Plan & Build of Physical Networks. The project also explored the use of standards like YANG for device meta-modeling and considered TOSCA to define and implement equipment interfaces. The project aimed to create a more agile and efficient process for launching new services and managing hybrid networks.

       12-14 November 2019

       Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. 

     The project aimed to adress challenges in the evolving telecommunications landscape, similar to the Agile OSS for New Age Services & Hybrid Networks Phase I Catalyst Project. 

    The vision of the project was to create an NG P&B solution that streamlines PNF onboarding. The project emphasized leveraging YANG standards and NetOPS to reduce the time required for PNF onboarding. The project explored faster product launches and eficient utilization of YANG modelling, contributing to enhanced network agility. 

R&D Innovation

TTG Int. LTD is actively contributing to academic publishing with our expertise Telco knowledge. 

A project "Centralized Smart Governance Framework Based on IoT Smart City Using TTG-Classified Technique.", received funding from the research and development department of TTG International LTD. In this project, an existing TTG-classified technique is used where many IoT devices are interconnected in the framework of the smart city concept, producing enormous amounts of data. The goal of a smart governance system is to monitor and aggregate data while centrally controlling and managing this network.


(Umar Ali, Cenk Çalış) 


A study was conducted to apply the PRINCE2 Project Management Technique to improve the effectiveness of project management. To reduce project risks, a strategic initiative known as the Red Plan was implemented. The Red plan provides decision-makers with a strcutured approach to asses the optimal course of action before making premature decisions to close a project. 

(Umar Ali, Cenk Çalış) 

         An efficient approach for monitoring IoT device networks using anomaly detection was introduced. This approach involves the identification of anomalies within a classified dataset, facilitating easy monitoring and informed decision-making for operational actions.


            (Umar Ali, Cenk Çalış)



          A unified approach to monitoring IoT vehicles has been introduced, aiming to support road safety measures. The strength of IoT and OBD-II technology allows this proactive approach to detect anomalies like over speeding, sudden acceleration, and other vehicle faults.


            (Umar Ali, Cenk Çalış)