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The telecom sector is entering an era of rapid innovation, cooperation, and growth thanks to the launch of 5G expanded cloud coverage. The safest way to stay ahead of the ongoing advancement of digitization is to innovate constantly. To successfully shift to a future digital culture, telecom companies must reinvent their business models and reduce
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  The internet of things (IoT) facilitates the connection of various devices over the internet. These linked devices can be controlled and analyzed remotely. The IoT concept provides the fundamental architecture and opportunities to create a connection between the physical world and the web. It has garnered more attention with more and more wireless devices
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TTG International is a company that provides its clients with advanced technology solutions to help them grow their business. They have been recognized as one of the top 500 IT companies in Turkey and are proud to be among the future-oriented companies driving innovation in Turkey.  
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Why Network Topology is Important                                                                                                    
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What Is 5G Network Slicing?   The ideal way for operators to create and operate a network that matches and transcends the changing needs of a broad range of customers is through network slicing. The 5G architecture’s dependence on 5G network slicing is undoubtedly among its most innovative features because it will enable operators to
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A Complete Guide to Predictive Maintenance and Operation   Machines tend to malfunction, and it can be difficult to tell when they will break down. Fortunately, modern technologies, sensors, and the Internet of Things (IoT) allow companies to predict when a machine or piece of equipment might malfunction or break down completely. This is made
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  TTG International LTD has once again proved its research and developer spirit in genetics by taking part in two major research conducted throughout Turkey within the scope of its R&D studies in the field of telecommunications and IT management software (OSS) and its 2021 activities. According to the research prepared by Turkishtime on “R&D
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 Why is 5G so Important and How It Will Transform the Society Meta Description:  5G promises to bring about a technological revolution, but what can it really do for us? Read on to discover the importance of 5G and how this technology will transform our world we live in. Meta keywords: 5G technology, 5G, technology
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Network Monitoring Tips and Tricks Meta description: Looking to integrate network monitoring into your organization? Have a look at some tips and tricks for network monitoring and the advantages of doing so. Meta keywords: network monitoring 11 Top Network Monitoring Tips and Tricks Image Text: An image featuring computer codes showing on a system Alt-Text:
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Haberleşme Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi (HTK) firmalarından TTG International’ın, Türk Telekom mühendislerinin de desteğiyle geliştirdiği GEMS-FAMAN platformu, Türk Telekom şebekesinde ticari olarak kullanılmaya başlandı İSTANBUL (AA) – Türk Telekom, müşterilerine yüksek performanslı şebeke servisleri sunmak üzere GEMS-FAMAN Platformu’nu hayata geçirdi. Türk Telekom’dan yapılan açıklamaya göre, Haberleşme Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi (HTK) firmalarından TTG International’ın, Türk Telekom mühendislerinin de desteğiyle

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    TTG is pleased to have achieved certification of ISO 9001:2000

    TTG is making every effort to measure and repetitively improve the effectiveness of the quality management system. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations by means of the quality of OSS products and services we deliver to our customers....
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    Proactive fault management allows telecom service providers and to maintain the uptime of telecom-based services. In today’s highly competitive telecom market, customer satisfaction requires that problems detected by a Network Management Systems such as TTG’s FAMAN, web based Fault & Alarm Management system which helps operator to detect and as...
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    MWC `17 Barcelona Experience

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    Turkcell tracks network energy consumption with TTG’s SYNERGY™ OSOS module.

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