Tailored Software Solutions


Tailored solutions refer to custom-fit solutions designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of a specific customer, business, or organization.

There are three main costs for a typical project:

  • Development
  • Implementation (&integration)
  • Support

While standardized products solve the above equation for a fraction of tailored solutions, they often are designed for companies which use IT as a service to their product line, not as core component of their lifeline as in telecommunication, where 1hr service time or %0.5 make the difference.

Telecom companies are the other end of the spectrum. They are not only complex and huge, but also have their lifeline hanging on minutes and %0.1 ratios if not for less. Tailoring then becomes de-jure .

Tailored solutions are designed to deliver a better match and higher degree of effectiveness compared to generic, one-size-fits-all solutions.

The art of solution then becomes how to tailor lowering the above mentioned costs by utilizing

  • Domain expertise
  • Open standards
  • Training and documentation


  • At TTG Int. LTD, our goal is to help our customers achieve success through providing them with tailored solutions that align with their unique business needs and goals. Our professional services team with an average tenure of decades in telecommunications works closely with you to understand the requirements and design custom solutions that keep pace with any changes.
  • Our code base has always resided on open standard technologies. No part of our development use propriety technologies, which makes them extensible and future-proof for further development. However having being in telecommunications industry for decades, we are dead close in understanding notoriously propriety and non standard technologies
  • Training and education has always been a part of our project life-cycle. Enabling the user rather than relying us clears us the time to develop for further technologies like 6G.


Business line

Tech domain clears the path for management. But what about management concerns ?

Through our custom solutions and reporting, we offer valuable insights into areas of interest that are specific to each customer and their stakeholders. This helps support informed decision-making and progress towards business objectives and workflows. Pinpointing to the specific are of improvement eases as our domain expertise supports your business line.

Bottom line

At the heart of our professional services offering is a commitment to our customers and a truly customer-centric approach. This makes us a trusted and reliable business partner that provides the support and guidance our customers need to succeed.