Telecom Equipment Registry Management

TERM is an enhanced CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) tool and a database of the IMEI numbers of blacklisted and whitelisted handsets. Keeps unapproved, software changed, illegal and stolen devices in this database format ready for querying. Allows the mobile devices to enter the network according to device status. TERM is designed specifically for Telecom Regulatory authorities.



  • Detection of GSMA registered valid IMEIs
  • Customization according to Telecom Regulatory Authority requirements
  • Enhanced SIM Box detection capability
  • Enhanced Reporting possibilities allowing the users creating their reports dynamically
  • Enhanced Log Tracing system for every single transaction
  • Level based user management possibilities including out-of-authority users such as Importers Module or PIRM users
  • User based, access permission based and IP based system security
  • Clone Analysis & Simbox Detection.


  • PIRM (Personal Import Registration Module)
  • UMM (User Management Module)
  • IM (Importers Module)
  • RM (Reporting Module)
  • LTM (Log Tracing Module)
  • CCM (Customer Care Module)
  • AAM (Administration & Approval Module)



UMM (User Management Module)

  • PIRM allows the subscribers to register their devices bought in abroad
  • The process flow can be designed according to the law of launched country
  • The registration application is carried out by an authorized users
  • Process prerequisites :
  • Scanned document upload
  • Passport or Identity card number
  • Name/surname
  • GSMA & TERM Approved IMEI (dual IMEI for dual SIM devices)



UMM (User Management Module)

  • UMM user can manage all the access on TERM
  • UMM User can:
  • Create company
  • Create user access group
  • Create users
  • Define departments (for Telecom Regulatory Authority users)
  • Update/delete users
  • Update/delete companies
  • Update/create user access groups
  • Only TERM root user can manage UMM users for security reasons


IM (Importers Module)

  • Registered importers where IM users are created by authority can login to IM GUI
  • Level3 IM users are created by UMM user and can:
  • Create Level4 users who are the employee of the importer company
  • Create an application
  • List all of the applications created by relative company
  • Monitor the phases of the related companys’ on going applications or
  • Can see the details of applications
  • Static IP restrictions are applied during login process
  • Importers applications require some scanned documents such as:
  • Invoice/Preforma Invoice
  • CE certifications
  • Pre-defined format Excel sheet of IMEI /Brand & Model Name as described in GSMA database



IM (Importers Module)

  • RM users can be defined in two groups:
  • One who has administration privileges
  • One who has monitoring privileges
  • Administrator users can :
  • Create
  • Schedule
  • Assign
  • Monitor a report
  • Reports can be :
  • Scheduled where the result is mailed to assigned users OR
  • Run by assigned users
  • Reports including variables are available



LTM (Log Tracing Module)

  • This module is used for tracing the details of any transactions on TERM
  • Grid based interface allow user to filter the data according to log search criteria of the user
  • One can filter:
  • Project
  • Module
  • Method
  • DB Command (Update/Delete/Insert/Select)
  • Date
  • User
  • IMEI
  • Operator



CCM (Customer Care Module)

  • CCM module is used for blocking or unblocking of an IMEI for lost & stolen conditions
  • This GUI allows the user to monitor:
  • The current position of an IMEI
  • List of CCM blocking/unblocking logs
  • SMS sent to the subscriber
  • This GUI allows the user :
  • Apply for blocking of an IMEI by following identity confirmation steps
  • Apply for unlocking of an IMEI by following identity confirmation steps


AAM (Administration & Approval Module) 

  • Authority approval for:
  • PIRM applications
  • IM applications
  • CCM applications
  • Listing applications with filtering availability
  • Availability for List Changes of an IMEI
  • Availability for querying of :
  • IMEI on the whole system
  • TAC from GSMA database



Authorized users can create/update/delete/insert the black/white/gray lists and send the lists to the operators

List Management interface consists of below menus

Create List

Send List





  • WEB Portal will be open to all consumers and content can be as follows:
  • News and Announcements
  • Information Sheets (General information and regulations)
  • Individual application and notification inquiry for an IMEI
  • Contact information
  • Link to for queries such as CCM ;PIRM;IMEI