Monday, 11 November 2019 / Published in Blog
TM Forum Digital Transformation ASIA We as TTG International Ltd have had a fantastic week in Kuala Lumpur the last 12-14 NOVEMBER 2019 during the TM Forum Digital Transformation event, our participation at the Wirtschaftswunder leveraging 5G for Industry 4.0 project was successfully completed through a fantastic collaboration teamwork with Infosys, Nokia and British Telecom. The phase
Thursday, 31 October 2019 / Published in Blog
We are proud to announce that TTG International LTD  will be a part of the agile OSS NEW AGE SERVICES HYBRID NETWORK phase II. which will be presented in the TM Forum Digital Transformation World ASIA KUALA LUMPUR/MALAYSIA 12-14 NOVEMBER 2019. Phase I of this Catalyst was more focused on speeding up network kit onboarding
Monday, 02 September 2019 / Published in Blog
Vodafone TR and TTG Innternational has begun working together on AI- Based and Machine Learning network operation and Automation. Since early 2018, operators began to deploy 5G networks globally. Compared with 2G/3G/4G, the 5G has a significant jump in key performance such as network speed, network latency and connections which would allow it to support
Thursday, 01 August 2019 / Published in Blog
TTG International proudly announces that TTG ranked among the top 500 technology companies in Turkey in 2018. TTG International is reported at the following categories: 8th at Consultancy-Turkey Centered Producer Incomes (Sub Category) 58th at Software – Turkey Centered Producer (Main Category) 95th at Turkey Centered Producer (Main Category) Thanks a lot to our customers
Thursday, 20 June 2019 / Published in Blog
First voice and data traffic was realized over the national and local 5G Core Network. Within the scope of the End-to-End Local and National 5G Communication Network Project  in cooperation with 16 Communication Technologies Clusters (HTK) member companies and 3 operators supported by TUBITAK, CRAN, new radio, core network, cyber security, Microwave Radiolink, OSS, switching
Thursday, 14 March 2019 / Published in Blog
The first phase of Turkey’s national 5G network project, initiated by Information and Communication Technologies Authority, was officially presented to public and authorities at an event hosted by Turkcell and supported by Turk Telekom and Vodafone. During this event 5G network components such as – Core – Switch/Router – Element Management System (vTEM by TTG
Tuesday, 26 February 2019 / Published in Blog
Like every year, TTG is at MWC Barcelona in 2019 as well. This year, we are proudly presenting our new 5G ready OSS solutions and new projects. Here some pictures from the event where our stand was visited by BTK/BTHK/HTK members in addition to the Minister of Transport of Turkey. Come visit us at Hall 5: Stand
Wednesday, 28 November 2018 / Published in Blog
Engineers at TTG International have released a research paper on “Anomaly detection and Classification in Cellular Networks” after many months of hardwork. The publication is featured on Procedia Computer Science journal by Elsevier in Volume 140, 2018.  You can read the paper at Below is the abstract from the paper: Anomaly Detection (AD) is a promising new approach
Monday, 24 September 2018 / Published in Blog
TG announced today that Vodafone Turkey has decided to expand the existing NORTH-I/ABID system to collect performance data from its DWDM network. The system will collect performance data from the accepted industry-standard KPIs into the AI based NORTH-I/ABID system. CTO of TTG International LTD, Mehmet Beyaz, said “The NORTH-I/ABID ability to provided fast, accurate reports on the network’s
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 / Published in Blog
We are exicited to announce that TTG International has officially become part of and signed 5G and Microwave Radios‎ OSS in addition to Service Quality Managment (SQM) development for HTK Turkey. 17 HTK member companies with various R&D activities in the telecommunication sector have combined their powers in order to convert all communication systems as domestic products

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