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  TTG International LTD has once again proved its research and developer spirit in genetics by taking part in two major research conducted throughout Turkey within the scope of its R&D studies in the field of telecommunications and IT management software (OSS) and its 2021 activities. According to the research prepared by Turkishtime on “R&D
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 Why is 5G so Important and How It Will Transform the Society Meta Description:  5G promises to bring about a technological revolution, but what can it really do for us? Read on to discover the importance of 5G and how this technology will transform our world we live in. Meta keywords: 5G technology, 5G, technology
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Network Monitoring Tips and Tricks Meta description: Looking to integrate network monitoring into your organization? Have a look at some tips and tricks for network monitoring and the advantages of doing so. Meta keywords: network monitoring 11 Top Network Monitoring Tips and Tricks Image Text: An image featuring computer codes showing on a system Alt-Text:
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Haberleşme Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi (HTK) firmalarından TTG International’ın, Türk Telekom mühendislerinin de desteğiyle geliştirdiği GEMS-FAMAN platformu, Türk Telekom şebekesinde ticari olarak kullanılmaya başlandı İSTANBUL (AA) – Türk Telekom, müşterilerine yüksek performanslı şebeke servisleri sunmak üzere GEMS-FAMAN Platformu’nu hayata geçirdi. Türk Telekom’dan yapılan açıklamaya göre, Haberleşme Teknolojileri Kümelenmesi (HTK) firmalarından TTG International’ın, Türk Telekom mühendislerinin de desteğiyle
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TTG’s is an AI-powered ABID-Cognitive Core Performance Management dashboard that automatically detects anomalies and provides a complete overview of network health. — News:18.03.2022 We’re so excited to be collaborating with Vodafone Turkey! To help monitor their networks more effectively, we’ve created TTG’s ABID-CIMP – the AI-based Core network monitoring system. It has advanced capabilities, like
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NEWS 16.02.2022 Faster Development & Greater Business Agility in IT &Telco. TTG launches low code Visual Rule Editor Modeller for  Faster Development & Greater Business Agility in IT &Telco. Businesses often have to write an extensive list of rules. The more decisions, the more time it takes to write, review, and update them. For example, a
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NEWS 13.01.2022 The telecom industry is undergoing a major transformation as 5G is now available, and as such it has become important for providers to understand the 5G Core and 5G New Radio KPIs that they’ll need to meet to stay competitive. TTG as a pioneer in the field of OSS announce that NORTH-I™ has been
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NEWS 12.01.2022 The project aims to create a service architecture for the cadastral data to be transferred to the Spatial Real Estate Management System (MEGSİS), to share the real estate and/or cadastre information with the institutions, to access the existing cadastral data from a single center bata-base with authorization, to query, update, track and manage
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NEWS 27.12.2021   TTG launched OSOS (Remote Power Meter Reading) module on its SYNERGY™ platform. The module is part of TTG’s smart energy management suite, SYNERGY™, and it was developed by TTG engineers to help Telcos tracking network energy consumption. SYNERGY™ OSOS can split total energy consumption into telecom equipment and cooling parts where one
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NEWS 19.1.2021   SYNERGY: Turkcell’s Automated Smart Energy Management Solution By John Tanner, Contributing Editor, TM ForumNovember, 2021

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