Configuration Management Expert


Minimize multi-vendor and multi-technology network complexities while maximizing quality of service levels while reducing the OPEX. Maintaining and improving Quality of Service is an imperative task of day-to-day operational activities. As technology rapidly evolves to 4G and beyond, operators are contend with both legacy and new generation systems and ensuring that both are equally managed, optimized and deliver high quality of service for the benefit of their end users. TTG's network configuration solution effectively allow multi-vendor and multi-technology mobile operators the ability to manage different vendors and technology network configuration settings, as well as provides invaluable insight into the overall call process, furnishing engineers with the luxury of time to tackle network problems and formulate strategic decisions that enhances the networks overall performance The CMEx platform is an automated solution that brings together multiple data sources regardless of your vendor and technological preferences, within the mobile operator's network, to enable both engineering and operations departments to view the network consistency. The CMeX automatically identifies the inconsistencies in the network. With the CMEx a hidden configuration problems that may cause the poor performance can be detected before a fault or customer complaints arises. It is a positive move towards pro-active network management.

Configuration & Change Management in a Nutshell

  • Change Reports
  • Inconsistency Reports
  • Cell Parameters
  • NodeB Parameters
  • RNC Parameters
  • All RNC Parameters
  • All Cell Parameters
  • Handover Parameters
  • Blind Handover
  • Neighbours Report