NET-TRANS: Manage your leased-line inventory seamlessly


Today, since telecommunication networks have grown tremendously in size, companies face increasing equipment and labor costs. In addition to this, operators should make their infrastructure investments in an efficient and cost effective manner. Let's say that your company has thousands of leased-lines with costs reaching millions every month and all the inventory is being managed on spreadsheets (or some other semi-structured, un-reliable and un-formatted storage method). This, unfortunately with 99.9% confidence, is a strong indication that your company is losing money, possibly thousands, each month. This can only be considerably reduced, if not eradicated, by a software system that keeps a detailed track of your inventory to realize OPEX or CAPEX benefits.

Through the years, we have seen many operators greatly troubled by the insidious pitfall of underestimating the necessity of a software based solution for inventory management. Thus, we developed NET-TRANS, a strong and easy to use network Inventory Management software as the ultimate solution for the increasing instances of this issue. With NET-TRANS telecom operators can now preserve their investments, increase efficiency and reduce costs with no extra effort.


NET-TRANS in a nutshell

  • Vendor-independent in every aspect
  • Dynamic design that follows leased-line applications and procedures in your company
  • flexible reporting feature. Non-standard reports are easily created by using the Report Developer module. The reports and database information so created can be transferred to or received from such mediums as Excel, TXT, HTML or XML when required.
  • Rental, rental dates and contract information and related alarms can be formed
  • Request of a Leased Line (new, transfer, cancellation etc.) can be made through the regional offices of the operator by completing the relevant parts of the program. Requests are automatically transmitted to the Head Office, where automatic application letters to the transmitting company (Telecommunication) are compiled.
  • History of each line can be monitored.
  • Payment for each Lease Line to the Service Provider Company (for example Turkish Telecommunication) is filed (advance, monthly rental, transfer fee etc.).
  • Any new daily, weekly, monthly (or between any two dates) requests, transfer requests, cancellation requests and contract numbers can be monitored in graphic or report format through NET-TRANS on the basis of the line speed and purpose of use.
  • Centralized, cost-effective online deployment
  • Redundant architecture for avoiding data loss
  • Easy to integrate with other Oss software