Rapid Link

Introducing RapidLink: Your Solution for Automated Radio Link Communication

Experience seamless communication like never before with RapidLink, a software-supported, automatically installed radio link system developed by Pagatel System Engineering and TTG Int. LTD.

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Communication: RapidLink provides the opportunity to communicate via Radio Link IP at a speed of at least 200mbps or higher. Connect two points at a distance of up to 50 km in a maximum of 7 minutes, all with the press of a single button.


Comprehensive Analysis: RapidLink conducts a thorough analysis to determine whether a radio link can be established between the designated points. It also performs additional analyses to ensure optimal communication.






DTED Coordinate Display: RapidLink displays the determined coordinates for Radio Link communication on DTED, providing a clear and precise visual representation of your communication link.






One-Click Radio Link Setup: With just one button, RapidLink directs the antennas towards each other. It then runs a scan function to eliminate possible coordinate and tolerance errors, finding the best reception signal level.






Flexible Configurations: RapidLink offers the ability to perform analysis and establish Line of Sight (LoS) with different configurations, including modulation, antenna diameter, and transmitter power.





SRC400 Technical Specifications

General System Parameters

  1. Operating Frequency Bands:
    • 7, 8, 10.5, 15, and 26 GHz ITU frequency bands.
  2. Traffic Channel:
    • Standard: Gigabit Ethernet L2 level.
    • Optional: 16E1 and STM1 (with optional MODEM).
  3. Modulation Types:
    • QPSK, 16-32-64-128-256 QAM.
    • Automatic Modulation Support (ACM) and Automatic Power Adjustment Support (ATPC) are available.
  4. Error Correction:
    • LDPC or Reed-Solomon 2D/4D.
  5. QoS and VLAN Support:
    • 1-2-4-8 weighted 4 types and 256 VLAN support.
  6. Environmental Conditions:
    • Operating Temperature: IDU -5°C ...+45°C, ODU -33°C ... +55°C.
  7. Control and Management:
    • SNMP-V1 protocol, local control with WEB interface, and central management and control with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM SRCYM - V2​​.


Component Descriptions

  1. Indoor Unit (IDU) and Outdoor Unit (ODU).
  2. Coaxial IDU-ODU Interconnection Cable.
  3. ODU Integrated Antenna (Optional separate antenna).
  4. Embedded Device Control Software WEB user interface (LCT).
  5. Optional WEB-Based Central Control Software SRCYM (NMS)​​.


Indoor Unit (IDU) Features

  1. A 1U high box that can be mounted in a 19-inch cabinet.
  2. Contains MODEM Card(s), Control Card, and Fan Card.
  3. -48VDC power supply is applied through the MODEM card.
  4. Control Card has a LINUX-based operating system.
  5. Access to the WEB-based control interface via Ethernet ports.
  6. Each MODEM card is connected to an ODU.
  7. Operating temperature range is -5°C … +45°C​​.


MODEM Card Features


  1. Can be installed in IDU's M1, M2, M3, M4 slots.
  2. Receives Ethernet data, performs signal corrections, and forms the radio frame.
  3. Capable of transmitting data at speeds up to 400 Mbps.
  4. The MODEM signal, after DAC processing, is combined with the IF signal to form the TxIF signal.
  5. The RxIF signal is converted to digital in the ADC circuit and then undergoes demodulation​​.


Experience the Future of Communication

RapidLink is more than just a software; it's a revolution in communication technology. Experience the future of communication with TTG Int. LTD.

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